Logistics meaning with example

Logistics meaning with example

Logistics definition duden

Now that the question of what is logistics has been answered, perhaps you yourself are interested in working in this industry. You have seen that there are a variety of professions and subcategories in logistics and that it is an interesting profession with a lot of responsibility. Logistics specialists are needed in all companies, making it a career field that offers a bright future with many career opportunities. Then you'd best take a look at our site. Here you will find all the important logistics professions as well as further information on each job description and on logistics in general.

Logistics terms

Particularly with regard to the topic of "Logistics 4.0", IT-based networking with logistics service providers and end customers is also becoming increasingly important in terms of strategy. Here, a distinction is made in supply chain management between horizontal and vertical networking.

  Logistics is the internal service provider for both production and

✘ As a rule, direct distribution is associated with high costs. It therefore only makes sense if the distribution costs are lower than the trade margins saved in the case of multi-level distribution.

If you have particularly complex or consultation-intensive products, direct sales is a viable option. In this case, the location plays a rather subordinate role. Warehouse sales are a special form of direct sales, but they are usually not sufficient as the sole distribution channel.

Tasks of logistics

The ABC analysis is a universally applicable procedure, in order to classify total quantities according to given criteria. Due to the multilayered usability it finds application for example with the classification of (camp) articles, the evaluation of customers and suppliers or the prioritization of tasks.

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Operating materials are materials used in the manufacture of finished products to supply energy and to maintain the readiness for use of the machinery and equipment required to produce them. Unlike raw materials and auxiliary materials, operating materials are not included as a component in the respective end products.

Computer Integrated Manufacturing is understood to mean a "computer-integrated product development process". A common computer network links all manufacturing stages and their upstream areas.

In the logistics environment, a bottleneck is a critical point in the supply chain that can slow down or even bring the entire supply chain to a standstill.

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On a Euro pallet (loading equipment) there are a total of 32 cartons (two rows, stacked four high). A shift therefore consists of 8 cartons, a single carton represents the unit for order preparation. This carton is the minimum unit of product that can be shipped per part number. In turn, the carton contains individual delivery units, which consist of individual sales units. The sales units contain the consumption units, for example ballpoint pens.

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