Bgr logistics park

Bgr logistics park

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A first train with 1200 tons of corn has been unloaded at the Rostock Grain Terminal (GTR). The 450-meter-long train with 21 wagons arrived around 10 a.m. Tuesday. "It is a test train. Four more are to follow," said GTR site manager Jacob Lubig. The feed corn was reloaded at the Ukrainian-Polish border and then brought to Rostock by DB Cargo via Poland.

Russia had called on the West to lift sanctions in light of the grain exports blocked in Ukraine. The West had imposed a variety of trade sanctions on Russia, which were hurting the economy.

Referring to Russia's war of aggression in Ukraine, Wissing said Kiev was facing major challenges. "This is also a war on the Internet and that's why Ukraine must be defended on the Internet as well." (ste/dpa)

A key building block: several floating LNG terminals are expected to be operational in Germany as early as 2022 and 2023. Further LNG terminals are in planning processes - the ministry wants to accelerate these. (ste/dpa)

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But this also shows that it is slowly becoming chaotic in Germany. There one decided in the quick shot procedure to sanction the Russians (our energy supplier) and now stated that this also has side effects.

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But this also shows that it is slowly becoming chaotic in Germany. Since one has decided in the rapid-fire procedure to sanction the Russians (our energy supplier) and now found that this also has side effects.

But this also shows that it is slowly becoming chaotic in Germany. Since one decided in the rapid-fire procedure to sanction the Russians (our energy supplier) and now determined that this also has side effects.

no matter where. Damages remain. Better to prolong nuclear power. The final repositories already exist. Probably 2 years longer will not make the repositories more unsafe or dangerous. It is a matter of bridging some time.


Und Bergen versprach, "das Richtige" zu sein: Ich hatte in der Nacht zuvor nur zwei Stunden Schlaf bekommen, und ich war ganz allein unterwegs - aber dann kann man ja nachmittags im Hotel etwas Schlaf nachholen, und zufällig traf ich vor dem Konzert noch ein paar nette Mitfans, so dass ich nicht mehr ganz allein war (hi und takk für sist!).

Es wäre ihm wahrscheinlich viel peinlicher, wenn er nicht genau über seine Verbraucherrechte informiert würde, und es wäre ihm sogar peinlich, wenn er von einem Flug abgezogen würde und kein hinreichend verlässliches Regulierungssystem zur Verfügung stünde, um sicherzustellen, dass er unter diesen Umständen seine Rechte als Verbraucher wirksam wahrnehmen könnte.

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Der vereinfachte Verkaufsprospekt und die Finanzberichte sind an jedem Bankarbeitstag in Luxemburg am Sitz der Verwaltungsgesellschaft, bei der Zentralstelle in Frankreich, bei der Zahlstelle in Österreich, bei der Zahlstelle in Schweden, bei der Zahl- und Verwaltungsstelle in Deutschland, bei der Vertriebsstelle in Spanien, bei der Zahlstelle und dem Vertreter in Liechtenstein, bei der Zahlstelle und dem Vertreter in der Schweiz und beim Vertreter im Vereinigten Königreich erhältlich.

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The district council of Aplerbeck unanimously asks the administration to present suitable measures in a timely manner to counteract the effects of heavy rainfall in the district of Aplerbeck.

The district council Innenstadt-West recommends to the council of the city by a majority of 16 votes in favor (factions of the SPD, B90, CDU, AfD) against 1 vote against (Pirate Party) with 2 abstentions (faction Die Linke) to pass the resolution according to the submission.

Mr. Rm Gebel states to the presentation for the record that one does not agree with the two places and therefore his parliamentary group will not agree to the resolution proposal of the administration. He upholds the above-mentioned motion of his group, despite the previous comment of the administration, including the questions contained therein.

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In his opinion, the personnel effects of the Emission-Free City Center project were resolved in the first report and the interim report, but these are distributed over the entire project. Since the measures of the project Emission-free inner city are to be worked off within 3 years, the

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