Class 12 chemistry chapter 9 intext questions solutions

Class 12 chemistry chapter 9 intext questions solutions

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Click here for the video "Types of sentences "Click here for the video "Writing an accident report "Click here for the video "Writing a report "Click here for the video "Writing a newspaper article "Click here for the video "Writing a report".

You need the W-questions to work out the most important information of a text. They will help you work with and understand the text. So, if you find yourself in a situation where you need to understand a text and its details well, stick to the questions. For example, if you are writing an article about a car accident, that is, an accident report

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But one must be careful not to consider the properties of substances that they have only because of a certain form: from iron there is the sharp knife, the elastic spring, the pointed nail.

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Observation Sulfur silver is a gray/black substance that is made to react in a tube. It produces sulfur and silver. The sulfur settles at the cold edge of the glass, the silver remains at the bottom of the glass because of its high density.

Atomic oxygen, i.e. oxygen in the form of free, individual oxygen atoms, does not occur in nature. Rather, it always occurs as a compound of two oxygen atoms (O2). Another form is the less stable ozone (O3).

In this part of the process, microorganisms break down the organic compounds of the wastewater constituents and inorganic substances are partially oxidized by air supply. Numerous processes have been developed for this purpose.

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By this value one can now determine the formula and the name of the mineral with the appropriate technical literature: The mineral is called iron pyrites (pyrite, fool's gold, fools gold) and occurs, for example, in silver mines. Its formula is FeS2

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The sea god Proteus is a master of transformation. When Menelaus turned to him for a prophecy, he transformed himself into a variety of animals and figures before finally - wearied by his patience - giving him an answer.

The precise analysis of the situation as a game of questions also refers to the psychoanalytic procedure according to Sigmund Freud, in which a missing father figure - as it corresponds to Stephen's psychological situation - can be evoked by the psychoanalyst establishing a therapeutic relationship with his patient in the form of questions and answers.

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